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business-1012761__180.jpgWow!!! Where has the time gone? This class has gone by so fast!   I must say I learned a lot and really enjoyed the process!  When I looked at the syllabus the first week I wanted to cry and drop the class. I had no idea what half of any of the technology language even meant let alone how to navigate blackboard.   After some motivation from my husband I decided to jump in feet first and realized that the modules clearly explained what to do and how to do the assignments.  I found both text books helpful especiallyscience-1182713__180.jpg Retool Your School.   Honestly, I didn’t use google docs before this class, I was still a faithful Microsoft Word user.  My monthly Microsoft subscription has been cancelled since the first week using google docs.  Even though I was terrified to begin this class, it really moved along nicely and appropriately.   What I realized is I am actually capable of doing so much more then I gave myself credit for. I will use all the tools I have learned when I teach.  My favorite assignment we did was the cool tool.  I discovered technology based educational tools I had no idea even existed.   I enjoyed learning how to use the wiki page with my group and using the snagit to screen-cast other projects we did.  I plan to continue to blog in the future in order to keep parents informed of what our class is doing, and even let the students get in on the fun!  Lastly, as the class comes to an end and I work on my WebQuest I have decided to create project based learning assignment I can use in my future classroom or share on websites such as


5 thoughts on “Final Blog

  1. Kristina, I had to laugh when I read that your first reaction to the syllabus was to cry. I completely understand what you were feeling! I, too, felt that I did not have the technology skills necessary to do a good job in this class. I immediately wished I was a part of the digital native generation! Since I’m not, I did experience an initial sense of being overwhelmed. Like you though, when I decided to sit back and take the course a module at a time rather than looking at all the assignments, I felt better. In addition to the feelings of insecurity, I didn’t really feel that knowing about all this technology would benefit me as a physical education teacher with over 60 kids per class period. I’ve been surprised to realize that there are many things that I can incorporate into my teaching. The first thing I want to do is to use my Webquest which is about health-related fitness. Hopefully, it will be one of many projects I use in the future.


  2. I think that google docs is a great tool and like you it is something I did not really use. The fact that there are so many useful tools on the web that are free is amazing and I think as an educator it is super important to be in the game with them all. I am not a tech wiz so this class at some points was a little much for me, but I made it through and now it is time to move on with the great deal of information I learned.


  3. Kristina, I also felt a little overwhelmed when it came to the syllabus. Before taking this course I felt I knew everything about technology…yeah, not so much! This class was a challenge-a good challenge though! Before this class I had no clue what Google Docs where…I am still trying to master it, but I’ve done pretty good so far. My favorite thing I learned thus far is the Wiki. I love the Wiki. It is so easy to use and very useful when collaborating with others. This class went by super fast and I wish you the best of luck in your teaching career! 🙂


  4. Kristina, I was also ready to cry and throw in the towel when I read the syllabus. I did not think I would be able to do the assignments, figure out the technology, or even want to do the assignments. We have come a long, long way. This was by far one of the most challenging course I have undertaken for sure. I too, liked the Cool Duel. I felt I learned way more than I thought possible, as well.


  5. Nice reflection Kristina! I was freaked out in the beginning too. I agree that once the class began and I just took one module at a time, it wasn’t so overwhelming. The modules really do explain how to get everything done. Now we are ready to keep using all this technology!


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