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Copyright Laws kind of make me want to scream!  I am happy laws are in place to help protect others work, but at the same time the law is confusing and understanding all the aspects is hard.  The teacher side of me definitely understands the importance that I know the basics of copyright laws, so that I can be a good example to my students as well as educate them about the law!  Needless to say, monitoring students for copyright infringements and teaching them about the law will not be an easy task.  From a personal stand point I am thankful there are copyright laws in place to protect people.  I happen to be somewhat familiar with one aspect of copyright law when it pertains to artwork.  My husband and his brother own a men’s clothing line and they design their own T-shirts with a logo that they have trademarked.  Each time they draw a new design it is automatically copyrighted at the moment of its completion, but they still have to register the copyright due to the fact the design is mass marketed and likely to be infringed.  This is really the only law that I was aware of until this module.  I was not familiar with the fair use part of the copyright act at all.  In fact, I was surprised to find out that a teacher can make multiple copies of something for a classroom use as long as the poems are less than 250 words and two pages prose is less than 2,500 words or an excerpt, and only one diagram/picture is copied from a single work. Thankfully, according to, “the Copyright Act contains a special exception for the educational use of copyrighted materials. This is part of the “fair use” rule, and it allows someone other than the copyright holder to make limited use of a copyrighted work without permission for purposes such as teaching, research, scholarship, criticism, parody and news reporting.”

10 Things you should know about copyright law 


2 thoughts on “Copyright Law

  1. I agree with you in that it will be hard monitoring and teaching copyright law and at the same time watch out for it yourself! With it being all confusing and stuff it just seems a little overwhelming. Although, like you, I do see the purpose in it. If it weren’t for the rules that protect people’s work I don’t think anyone else would want to create new material just to avoid the hassle of being infringed upon.


  2. I agree that it is good that we have copyright laws. It is hard to understand all the aspects of copyright laws, and they really are confusing. I also want to educate myself more on the laws, so that I can educate my students on the laws.


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