Social Media in the Classroom


I LOVE social media… There I said it!!!  I love connecting with old friends on Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, my hashtag game is on point (most of the time), and I enjoy looking at Instagram posts just as much as I enjoy posting!  I also adore watching my daughter and her friends create videos.  My husband and I have been known to watch an embarrassingly amount of YouTube videos just to get a few good laughs in!   Because of this Tech class I even plan on continuing to blog while teaching in order to keep the parents involved and up to date on what we are doing in class!  Technology has a snowballing presence in our lives so it only makes sense to have more technology in the classroom.  The more technology we have in the classroom the more we can teach our children how to use it responsibly, as well as to use it for success in the future. In my classroom I plan to let the students use Wikispaces Classroom for group projects. I really feel using Edublogs would be a blast for the students, and I would like to work this in to my curriculum for creative writing projects.  Edublogs is also a great way to teach students how to address a particular audience.  YouTube for schools also is a social media platform I would like to sue in order for my students to have access to info on TED Talks and Kahn Academy.  Students get excited about being able to use technology in the classroom and with the ever evolving world of technology students also don’t get bored with it!


5 thoughts on “Social Media in the Classroom

  1. First, I LOVE the pictures you used for this blog. I think that we are so used to using social media that it would make education fun and exciting for the kids. I also think that it would be good for kids because if they are following people and have news feed then they are reading so it would enhance reading skills.


  2. I love social media as well! I cant tell you how many times in a day I log onto Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat to connect with my friends and family. It’s so easy and fast! I thinking using social media in the classroom would be fun, engaging and exciting for the students. As a future educator I want to make learning fun and if the students are interested in social media why not add into the classroom/! #socialmedialover 🙂 lol.


  3. I don’t love social media! There, I said it. I feel that I should have your enthusiasm for it because it’s definitely more typical but I just don’t…on a personal level, anyway. There was a time I was “on” Facebook and LinkedIn. During that time, I used the sites to communicate with the football players I coached at Cal Poly and to collaborate with other coaches across the nation. My wife however, is like you in that she LOVES social media. She spends a lot of time posting pictures, commenting on pictures, and communicating about a variety of things. I find that I just don’t want to spend my time that way. I’d rather go for a jog or a bike ride. With that being said, I do feel that there is a place for social media in the classroom and I plan to incorporate it into my Physical Education classes as a means to collaborate with other professionals and as a platform for my students to communicate, collaborate and encourage one another in personal fitness and health.


  4. Your post hits it right on the head! You told us about your family and your uses of Social Media. What’s important to note is you didn’t just describe your own family but most out there! There are always new Social Media platforms popping up and it’s because they are used, a lot! And like you said, we need to get technology in our classroom.
    We can’t expect our students to be successful unless we give them the right tools and training.


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