Cloudware in schools is definitely a newer concept to me, and from what I have experienced is to many teachers as well!  I have used forms of cloudware when I was in the business world, but not so much as a student.  I am new to this way of learning, and just recently have been introduced to it.  When I finished college online classes were a brand new thing, and in my opinion online schools were somewhat frowned upon.  However, since then times have changed and it appears online in really the way education is headed. One thing that I really love about cloudware is the fact that the cost of textbook are so much less due to the fact that digital content is less expensive than printed.  This will help offset some of the high cost to purchase new text books for students of all ages.  This also solves the problem of outdated learning materials in grades K-12.  With so many cutbacks to the education department in California I can imagine purchasing new textbooks would not be high on the priority list. I had started to notice so many of the books being used in some of the school I sub in were so old the student would laugh at the pictures because they really could not relate.  Another advantage of cloudware is applications such as google docs store students work for free, and all them to get their own project virtually from anywhere that has a smart device or computer.  Honestly, I was still using Microsoft Word until I began this class. The last thing that I find fascinating about cloudware is that now students who do not do well in a traditional classroom setting have options to finish school.  It gives these student access to education and resources they may not have.. Personally, I have friends that I believe would have done so much better in school if they could have taken some of the classes online.


2 thoughts on “Cloudware

  1. A few years ago I used to think that online schools were frowned upon as well. Flash forward to now, I think that online is just so much easier that it has a certain appeal to it. Also, I think you’re right about the cost of education now potentially being less that it traditionally is because materials are so much more accessible (and cheap) online.


  2. I used to think that online schools were frowned upon as well. But flash forward to now, I feel it is way more convenient to have online classes. Hopefully you are right about the cost of education going down a bit with the materials and content that are available online for cheaper of for free. I have also taken classes where instead of having to buy a textbook we just needed internet access in order to get to the material.


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