The World is Flat!!!



The world is constantly changing and evolving!  It is going flat and society must buckle up, enjoy, and embrace it.  As Thomas Friedman explains in his video there was ten days to flatten the world. The first in 1989 with the collapse of the Berlin wall followed by Netscape going public in 1995.  These events at the time seemed mind blowing and were huge advances in where we are today with globalization and now its impact on education. When it comes to the impact globalization has on education some may find it negative but others believe in the fast paced developments.

I am actually surprised it has taken this long for the public school system to embrace technology advances, however at the same time I am delighted to see this finally happening.  An example of how classrooms have been impacted by this global shift is the fact it is not uncommon in the classroom today to see the students using chrome books with applications such as google classroom.  Google classroom is designed to assist teachers when doing things such as assigning homework, creating lesson plans, grading turned in work, collaborating in discussions with students, and so much more.  These new shifts in the classroom suggest that the education system is being retooled and knowledgeable with the technology advances in our society.

Personally, I believe that the effects of globalization for the future teacher will only be positive assisting him or her with the forward movement of teaching alongside technology.  I do not view technology in the classroom as destroying the quality of human interaction, in fact I embrace it as a way  for teachers to be more creative such as developing assignments similar to the podcast article read.  I am excited to see what the future of technology in the classroom has to offer our teachers and students!



2 thoughts on “The World is Flat!!!

  1. I too am excited to see the schools and the education system embracing the technology field. I think it will of course be challenging to learn everything we need to know, but it will be worth it to have our students become more competitive and collaborative in the world.


  2. Kristina, I agree that technology in the classroom will continue to make our students worlds bigger. Not all of them have the opportunities to leave their communities, but the internet brings the world to them. They are able to communicate with others all around the world. I hope that educators take advantage of this.


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