All About Kristina Bauer

My name is Kristina Bauer I am a mom to three wonderful children ages eleven, three, and one!  All three of my children happen to be girls!   I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA and am the oldest of five children.  For a short amount of time I did move away and attended college in San Diego, CA!   After a few years living in southern California I decided to move back to Bakersfield to be closer to my family.  Five years ago I met my husband Luke while he was visiting friends in Bakersfield.  After one short year of dating we got married in Maui, Hi among a few of our closest friends and family.  The last four years I have spent at home with my children volunteering in their classrooms, substitute teaching, and mentoring teen mothers through Youth for Christ at a local high school!  Substitute teaching and the volunteer work I do has made it apparent that I truly have a passion for children, their education, and future!  Before I took on the ranks of stay at home mommy I worked in the finance industry at Merrill Lynch as a client advisor, as much as I did enjoy my career I never felt as fulfilled as I do when I work with kids!


Bauer (19)


5 thoughts on “All About Kristina Bauer

  1. Hey there! That’s awesome that you help with the High School in that capacity. I bet that there’s a lot of unknowns that they are going through in that phase. Great to see more families!


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